Mandy Hall


Mandy Hall has an honours degree in Catering and Hospitality Management and a professional background spaning over 30 years.

The Crepe Box began its life on St Patricks Day 2011, it was a baptism of fire! It was an unforgetable inaugural day, the queues were huge everyone wanting to try our new product. On that first day we got a booking for a 40th Birthday party in the local Tennis Club, shortly followed by another booking for a 21st Cocktail and Crepes, and we havent looked back since. It was really an extended hobby in the beginning, which quickly became a labour of love as the business grew. Having worked in the food and hospitality business all my working life, I wanted to continue in the culinary field but doing something creative with food that all ages would enjoy. It was an obvious choice as personally our family love eating Crepes both sweet and savoury, and why wait until Pancake Tuesday, or until we are on holiday in Europe, infact nowadays we make Crepes almost every day!

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